Our Programs


For more than 20 years, Great Lakes Orthopedic Labs has partnered with area physicians, surgeons, therapists and hospitals to extend its personal care to even more patients in Western New York. We are proud to support our health community in Buffalo and are always looking for better ways to serve doctors better. If you don’t see a program listed here or have additional questions, please contact us so we can learn about your needs and provide our care to your patients.

Physical Therapy

We work with patients and practitioners as part of coordinated physical therapy management plans. Our trained staff understands the relationship between our orthotic and prosthetic services and physical therapy programs. We are happy to work with you and your office to coordinate our services to provide the best, most individualistic care possible to your physical therapy patients.


We are proud to work with some of the best orthopedic doctors in the Buffalo region. Our prosthetic and orthopedic specialists work closely with orthopedic doctors to help their patients overcome injuries from playing sports or broken bones. At Great Lakes Orthopedic Labs, we also craft orthosis or orthotic devices to help correct joint, congenital and degenerative conditions.

Pediatric Physical Rehabilitation

Helping our youngest patients through physical rehabilitation is one of most rewarding aspects of our job at Great Lakes Orthopedic Labs. Our knowledgeable and caring practitioners craft lower limb and upper limb orthosis to help pediatric patients through physical rehabilitation. By working with physical therapists, we can create devices that aid the physical rehabilitation process.

Neurosurgery and Cranial Molding

We create cranial molding helmets to correct deformities of the skull and aid in rehabilitation following neurosurgery. We are not only experienced but compassionate about creating customized cranial molding helmets for children. We take great pride in our cranial remolding care and are happy to work with neurosurgeons to create a care plan specifically for your pediatric patient.